Gathering global resources to build a good life system

Whole Industry Chain Model
The company has both R&D, production and sales of sustainable planning and development of the whole industry chain, adhere to the innovation-driven, R & D as the core of the industrial model.

Customer Acquisition
Focusing on the customer, we provide comprehensive market information, diversified promotion support through marketing and corporate cooperation to enable our customers to continuously gain sustainable industry competitiveness.

Integrating resources together
Integrate the advantageous resources of ourselves and our partners, carry out extensive cooperation, maximize the value of our customers and expand the market by radiation to achieve a win-win effect for all parties.
Industry Introduction

Semiconductor Equipment
Agricultural equipment
Knitted Home Textiles
Food & Wine
Medical Equipment
Semiconductor equipment import and export
Semiconductor equipment, parts and products, chips Hydrogen power generators, hydrogen power station systems Quantum technology research, hydrogen molecular medical technology research Photothermal energy storage
Agricultural equipment
Internal combustion engine, cultivator, land leveling machinery deep pine machine

Seeder, thresher, pumping machine

Plough disc plough, transplanter, weeding robot
Knitted Home Textiles

Fine silk quilt

Silkworm silk and sand pillow

Washable mulberry silk summer cooler

Food & Wine
Mulberry series products

Moon Bay Dragon Mountain Wolfberry Bud Tea

Pears white wine
Medical Equipment
Diagnostic equipment: X-ray diagnostic equipment, ultrasound diagnostic equipment

Treatment equipment: artificial respirator, ultrasonic nebulizer

Auxiliary equipment: sterilization equipment, central suction and oxygen supply system
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