Company Profile
Henan Fahang Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 10 million yuan and is now headquartered in Minquan Customs Bonded Logistics Center in China. The company is committed to building a set of cross-border trade e-commerce service platform seamlessly connected with customs, state inspection and other relevant departments, while looking for suitable traders, brand owners, e-commerce enterprises, customs clearance service enterprises, warehousing and logistics enterprises to realize two-way trade in the global supply chain and integrated operation of cross-border e-commerce, and jointly create a mutually beneficial and shared global trade ecosystem.

Ltd. to deepen the integration of industry and education in cross-border trade, promote the organic connection between education chain, talent chain and industry chain and innovation chain, advance the structural reform on the supply side of human resources, and cultivate innovative and entrepreneurial, compound ecological talents for the formation of a wider, broader and deeper foreign trade pattern.
Sustainable Development
Let customers feel relieved, at ease and comfortable
We believe that it is our responsibility to achieve our business goals and create long-term value for our shareholders, while promoting sustainable development of the environment and society. Through each transmission, we will promote cooperation, create beauty and continue to magnify value together with you.
Corporate Governance
We are committed to the integration and unification of corporate and social values, with the vision of promoting the sustainable development of the industry, and actively exploring the path of sustainable development of enterprises
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Innovation 丨 Practices
Green Innovation, Ecological Inclusion
Talent Partners, Wireless Possibilities
Henan Fahang Import & Export Trading Co.